Enduring Classics. Discover the iconic recipes that live on around the world. Crispy chicken with chilli, served with a helping of oolong tea. Still one of the most favoured of Chinese recipes this dish is quick and simple to make. To make sure it sticks with tradition refrain from adding extra vegetables, or a variety of other ingredients. The beauty is in its simplicity and making sure you get that lovely crispy texture on the outside but inside is bursting with tender, tasty chicken.  

Stir-fried chicken with ginger and dried tangerine peel in clay pot

150g chicken

100g green onion

50g fresh sand ginger

10g orange zest

10g caraway

10g chili pepper

1tsp corn starch

oyster sauce, sugar, chicken powder, dark soy sauce


Cut the chili pepper and caraway into shreds. Season the chicken with oyster sauce, chicken powder, sugar and fresh ginger.

Add oil to the fry pan, fry the chicken until medium cooked, remove from the pan.

Fry the green onion until soft, then add the chicken, chili pepper, caraway, orange zest and fresh ginger, add the dark soy sauce and chicken powder in the end.

Mix corn starch with 2tsp of water and add to the chicken to thicken sauce.

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